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About The Northeast Generals:


The Northeast Generals provide an opportunity to play Junior Hockey in the North American Tier III Hockey League. We offer a full hockey season to players aged 16 to 20 years old. Our program includes experiencedprofessional coaching, games, practices, and college showcases. We also provide transportation, meals, andlodging for travel games. We provide a dedicated home locker room with individual lockers and storage.Additionally, we provide off-ice training and conditioning in a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art fitness center,located on the home rink’s premises. We offer billet services to players who live outside the local region. Wealso offer educational support to players that wish to engage in academics on a part-time basis. Additionally,we provide opportunities for players to get involved in the community.




As an organization who values the highest standards of conduct, performance, and respect, we sell anexemplary hockey experience for young men who wish to learn, grow, and achieve on and off the ice.


The NA3HL:


The primary mission of the NA3HL, which is managed organizationally by the North American Hockey League(NAHL), is to provide a structured developmental environment for student-athletes at the Tier III junior A level,who have the ability and the aspirations to play at the collegiate level.


The common goal is to produce athletes that are committed to excellence in academics as well as athletics.By providing a high level of competition, the players will be given the resources to contribute and succeed atthe next level of hockey and education. The NA3EHL features 14 member teams, During the past two seasons, over three dozen players have committed to NCAA schools.


What Do You Get As a Northeast General?

  • Pipeline to the NAHL
  • 41┬áPlus Games
  • 2 Showcases
  • Playoffs
  • Full Equipment
  • Dedicated Coaches
  • 4 Practices/Week
  • Personal Locker Room
  • Film Breakdown
  • On Site Gym
  • Strength Coach
  • Scouting

A Typical Week With The Northeast Generals:


  • Film Breakdown, Game Review
  • Chalk Talk
  • Off Ice Training
  • On Ice Practice focusing on conditioning and flow drills


  • Chalk Talk
  • On Ice Practice focusing on flow drills, shooting, passing and skill development


  • Film Breakdown
  • Chalk Talk
  • Off Ice Training or Rest Day
  • 1 on 1 with the Coaches to talk about progress and skills to work on


  • Chalk Talk
  • Off Ice Training
  • On Ice Practice focusing on system play, breakout, forecheck, neutral zone play


  • Oppenent Film Breakdown
  • Chalk Talk
  • On Ice Practice focusing on special teams and situational play


  • Game Days!